1 hour, 3 Student Max

Pole Classes


All Pole Classes are OPEN LEVEL. You do not need experience to join a pole class.

Pole Classes Schedule:

Monday @ 7pm

Tuesday @ 8pm

Wednesday @ 8pm

Saturday @ Noon

1 hour,  6 guest limit

Pole Party

$50 per guest

Pole Parties are great for celebrations of any kind. You can schedule a party with us on Saturday afternoon between 3pm and 6pm

1 hour, 3 Student Max

Liquid Motion®


Liquid Motion can be taught with or without the pole. It is an OPEN LEVEL class. It is a movement class designed to help students learn to move with confidence and fluidity.

To learn more about Liquid Motion:

Scarlet Q&A page

Liquid Motion Home Page

Liquid Motion Schedule:

Monday @ 8pm

1 hour, 3 Student Max

Open Pole


Open Pole is NOT an open level class. It is a scheduled time that the studio is open to our pole students for practice time. There is always an instructor there to assist students with their goals for the day.

Open Pole Schedule:

Saturday @ 1pm


Focus Fitness Studios / Scarlet Studio Business Line


Instructor: Wendy Dayle 508-287-3551 text only please

Instructor: Cristin Kimbrel 508-685-4084

33 Dover Street Brockton MA

unit 120