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 Pole Dance & Fitness

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Pole Class

 Pole Classes run daily Monday through Saturday. Classes are 3 students maximum.

All Classes are Open Level.

Liquid Motion Classes

 Liquid Motion is a floor work class. If Yoga was a dance class, Liquid Motion would be the sexy version.

Private Lessons

 Yes, we do private lessons. 1 on 1 Lessons. Private Group Lessons. Parties & Celebrations

Zoom Classes

 Yes, we offer zoom classes.

On Pole Training and Off Pole Training

Dance Like A Rebel

 Scarlet Studio's instructors like to think of themselves as 'dance rebels'. We wear our Scarlet Letters with pride and encourage all of our students to do the same.

Our culture is welcoming, accepting and inclusive. 

Scarlet Studio strongly believes that Pole Dance & Fitness is for everybody.

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"The instructors are awesome and the vibe is great."



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