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Scarlet Letter: Why a Pole Party?

What the heck is a Pole Party, why is it not the same as a class and why is it more expensive? Your comprehensive guide to Pole Parties.

Let's face it, girls love an excuse to have fun with their friends. Girls adore a chance to feel pretty or sexy and the majority of girls also love photo opportunities.

Enter the Pole Party! A Pole Party offers girls all the things they love and sometimes more. This article will break down what a Pole Party is, why it is different from a class and why you might want to book a Party over a Class if you have never been exposed to Pole before.

What is a Pole Party?

Most Pole Dance Studios offer some kind of Private Pole Party that allows a group of friends to basically rent the studio for a period of time. That being said, every pole studio has its own culture, its own 'vibe' if you will. That culture and vibe will affect the execution of the Pole Party. As a consumer you should be aware of this. A Pole Party at one studio space can be vastly different from another. However, the one thing they all have in common is that they are a novelty service. This means that the service is fun, unique, unconventional and entertaining. The idea of a Pole Party is to allow people to enjoy a taste of something different and share a fun and laughable experience with others.

So when booking a Pole Party it is important to understand that it is in fact an event that is meant to be fun and not taken super seriously.

What is a Pole Class?

A Pole Class on the other hand, while it may still be a fun experience is not a novelty service. Pole Classes are set up for students to learn a skill. As stated before, each pole studio has its own culture and vibe and again this will affect how classes are approached and presented. Pole Classes are not typically an event that is shared with multiple friends. Sure, girls will go to class together but not for the social aspect of the experience. They are there to learn and grow as a pole dancer, not to giggle and laugh and take selfies.

So, when booking a Pole Class it should be understood that it is a serious endeavor that requires a bit of composure.

What's with the Price difference?

Ahhh, the price difference can be quite extreme. There is a reason for this and it is a good one, I promise.

Okay, a Pole Party is a private event. No matter the studio vibe or culture, when you book a Pole Party the studio is yours and yours alone. Your friends, your celebration, your good time. You pay for that exclusivity.

Now, moving onto culture and vibes. Prices can vary widely due to these factors. For example, Scarlet Studio offers a 2 hour party, many pole studios do not. Some studios will offer different Party Packages, allowing for decorations, food, costume fittings and a variety of options that will effect the cost of the event. Pole studios usually have a website that explains what their Pole Party consists of (I recommend you read it so you know what to expect.) Every pole studio has to adhere to certain rules and regulations of specifics such as, rental agreements, city/town/state regulations and laws and the social culture of their location in the world.

Another factor that pole studios take into consideration is how to pay their instructors. A Pole Party is not part of the weekly schedule, which means instructors need to be at the studio on their time off. They are also dealing with a large group of people celebrating something and that means they have the difficult job of being entertaining, professional, and extremely patient all while teaching what most would consider an extreme sport.

In short, if the price is high for a Pole Party the studio is most likely offering a more comprehensive service.

What should you book?

This depends on what your expectations of pole are. If you're looking to just have fun with some friends, book a Pole Party. If you know that pole is something you really want to try and take seriously, join a Pole Class.

Often people who attend a Pole Party will do one of two things:

1) Fall in love and want to learn more or

2) Realize that this shit is hard AF and it's not for them.

Both are okay.

Pole may be for every body but may not be for everyone.

To learn more about the Pole Party Packages Scarlet Studio has to offer visit our website

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