Scarlet Studio knows not everyone wants the same kind of party.

We designed 3 Pole Party Packages!


The Quickie

1 Hour Party

4-8 guests

$50 per guest

Perfect for smaller groups who want a quick hit of Pole with no frills and all the thrills.

> Warm Up

> Guided Pole Pass

> Time to Practice

> Time to take some photos

This Party Package requires a $100 deposit. There is a 5 day leeway time for this Party Request.


The Flirt

2 Hour Party

4 -12 Guests

$75 per guest

*the most popular package

Hair Whips and Hip Rolls mixed in with games and photo shoots. This Party Package is tongue-in-cheek , eye winks and duck lips! Guaranteed lots of laughs and a great time to be had by all.

> Warm Up

> Guided Pole Pass

> Guided Floor Pass

> Pole Games

> Time to Practice

> Photo Shoot of Group

> Personalized Video

> Decorations if requested

This Party Package  requires a $150 deposit. This is a 21+ package. There is a 14 day leeway time for this Party request.


The Naughty Party

2 1/2 Hours

4 -12 Guests

$100 per guest

Be an exotic dancer for the night. Choose a stage name, put on a sexy dress and a garter belt with heels, choose a song and do a stage set! This party package is the ultimate way to walk in the heels of an adult entertainer for the evening - in the safety of our studio. This package is not for the prudish.

> Warm Up

> Guided Pole Pass

> Guided Floor Pass

> Costume Fitting

> Song Choice

< Stage Name Given

> Time to Practice

> 1 Song Stage Sets

> Photo Shoots of Group

> Personalized Video

> Decorations if requested


This Party Package requires a $200 deposit. This is a 21+ package. There is a 21 day leeway time for this Party Request.



Parties can be requested via email:

Please let us know:

  • The Date you are looking for

  • The Party Package you are interested in

  • How Many guests you are expecting


We are not always able to process requests due to insufficient leeway times. Please understand that if you request to book a party for Saturday on the Friday night before we will most likely not be able to accommodate your request.  It is best that you send your request to us with a reasonable amount of leeway time so that we can say "yes!" instead of "no,".

The times below are the least amount of advance booking time we need:

  • The Quickie: 5 days in advance

  • The Flirt: 14 days in advance

  • The Naughty Party: 21 days in advance


Yes, we need to take a deposit.

No, that deposit is not refundable

However, the deposit does the following:

  • Pays for the first 2 guests (usually the planner and the guest of honor)

  • Ensures that the time and date you requested is held for you

  • Can be transferred to other services at the studio*

* this means that if you book the party and need to cancel you can re-book your party for another date OR use that deposit to take classes.

Each Party Package has a different deposit:

  • The Quickie: $100 

  • The Flirt: $150

  • The Naughty Party: $200


The remainder of the cost of the party will depend on how many guests show up the day of the party.

Each party has a price per guest:

  • The Quickie: $50 per guest

  • The Flirt: $75 per guest

  • The Naughty Party: $100 per guest

There is no acceptance without payment aside from pregnancy and physical disabilities. (ei: if a guest shows but chooses to not participate, they still pay)

We do not have a credit card machine in the studio.

We request that your guests bring cash the day of the party.

We will ask guests to pay when they arrive, not at the end of the party.

In the past, we have found that if one person collects money from the guests and gives the full amount to the instructor it cuts back on time - which means more time for you in the studio.


Yes, we will ask every guest to sign a waiver of liability and release. It is a standard form we need to have in order to keep our insurance policy.

Thank You for understanding.


The Quickie Party Package has a guest limit of 8.

The Flirt and the Naughty Party have guest limits set at 12.

If you expect your guest list to go beyond 12, let us know, we can work with you to figure out a solution.


Our Food and Alcohol polices are porous.


If it makes crumbs, we don't want it in the studio.

Fruits such as bananas, grapes, apples and oranges are okay.

Individually wrapped granola bars or snacks like peanuts or m&m's are also okay. We want to stay away from crackers, breads, sauces, pizza - things that can makes messes, we don't want in the studio.


Look, we get it, it's Pole Dancing and you want to let loose and have fun. We WANT you to let loose and have fun BUT, we also have a responsibility to keep you safe while you are with us. That being said, we reserve the right to refuse service if a member of your party is so fucked up that they are a danger to themselves, others or our property.

We do not have a liquor license, we are not able to provide or serve alcohol. We have zero control over what you have consumed before you arrive or what you are sipping on from your own personal water bottle. We ask that if you choose to indulge before or during your party that you maintain a reasonable amount of control over yourself. If this is not able to be done, we will ask you to sit out or leave and we will not refund any fees. 


Shit happens, we understand. You need to cancel the party because of one reason or another. We need at least 72 hour (3 days) notice if you wish to cancel and still maintain the ability to re-book the party or apply the deposit to another service we offer. 


You have 90 days (3 months) from the date of your original party to re-book another date for the party. That new party date must be within 182 days (six months) of your original party date. You may do this once. 


You have 90 days (3 months) from the date of your original party to re-apply and use your deposit. This means, your party deposit now has a 90 day expiration date.


We are inflexible with late arrivals.

Your party will start and end on your reserved designated time. There will be no time extensions for late arrivals.  Arrivals later than 15 minutes will be considered no-shows or canceled and we may or may not wait for your party to arrive. You will not receive a refund on your deposit and you will not have the option to use that deposit for other services.

If you call us to tell us that you are going to be late, these same rules will apply. We will appreciate knowing that you are on your way however, we will still end your party at the designated time.

We know you have that one friend that is always late - if the majority of your party is in the studio, we will start without that friend. That friend will still owe the full amount that she/he owes for the party package you choose.

We have our reasons:

  1. It's rude to be late. It says to us that you do not respect our time.

  2. We may have another class or party booked after yours.

  3. We will not allow your lateness to impact our lives and make us late.

May we suggest that you have a plan in place to NOT BE LATE:

  1. Find the Building before hand

  2. Know where you are going to park (there is a large public parking lot across the street from the building)

  3. Ask your party to show up 15 min early

Long story short - Please, show up for your Party on time.