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Scarlet Studio is a Pole Dance & Fitness Studio located in Brockton MA. It was established in 2008 and moved to Brockton in 2016.

Our Goal

To teach students proper foundations and techniques so that they can safely and successfully learn how to Pole Dance.

Our Objective

To give our students permission to dance and move freely with no boundaries, no judgement and no rules beyond safety.

Our Motto "Dance Like a Rebel"

We are fringe. We are outcasts. We are rebels. We are not mainstream, nor do we wish to be. We strive to encourage individuality and personal autonomy when it comes to our students and their pole journey. We are authentic, honest and straightforward with every person who walks through our doors.




"I'm new to Pole, where do I start?"

The Pole Teaser Class or

The Virgin Program.

To join a class download the  FIT by WIX app

Invite Code: SCARLET

Visit our Pole Classes Page for class descriptions.


"Do you offer Package Deals?"


We have four different Pricing Plans.


download the FIT by WIX app

Invite Code: SCARLET


"What are classes like at Scarlet Studio?"

We understand that your imagination is on overdrive when you try and conceive of what actually happens in a Pole Dance Class, or even a Liquid Motion Class. Let us ease your mind.

No, the people who attend classes are not perfect. We have every skin tone, every body shape, and every walk of life. We accept you as you come to us and guide you in whatever dance journey you are looking to take. No judgements, no expectations.

The Studio is comfortable and welcoming with a waiting area and storage for personal belongings.

We allow water and cell phones into the studio area but ask that shoes remain in the waiting area. Each pole has it's own shelf with a bottle of cleaning spray for the pole and a dock for your cell phone if you want to take video of yourself during class.

We turn the lights down low for classes to set the mood and each class has a warm up and a cool down with structured class curriculum in between.


"How long will it take me to get better?"

There is no definitive answer to this question. Our best answer is, "as long as it takes for you."

read our blog on this subject:



"Can I bring a friend to class?" or "Can a pay for a friend?"


Each student is responsible for paying for themself and booking class for themself.

We no longer offer 'bring a friend for free' to our Pole Teaser Class due to an abundance of people who abused the offer. We apologize on behalf of those selfish people.

If you have a group of 3 or more friends and wish to schedule a private class, click here to email us.


"How are Pole Parties and Pole Classes different and why do their prices vary?"

Pole Classes are designed to teach a specific curriculum on a weekly basis. Students are there to learn and improve skill sets.

Pole Parties are novelty and are designed for our guests to try something new with no expectation of anything other than fun.

Parties and Private Classes are not part of our regularly scheduled program and are therefore considered a Special Service that warrants a higher price point.

Visit our Pole Parties Page for a description of our party packages.


"Do you offer Private Lessons?"


Private Lesson Fees:

$100 per hour (1 person)

$150 per hour (2 people)

Message us on the app. You can request a specific instructor and work out a date and time with them all on the messaging system on the app

Please understand that our time for private lessons is limited. We will do our best to accommodate requests.


"What if I have a question or need to contact the studio, how do I do that?"

Message us on the FIT by WIX app. Invite Code: SCARLET

This is the quickest, most efficient way of reaching us.

You can also email us at

Scarlet Studio does not have a phone number. We do not have a front desk or a receptionist to field phone calls.


"What is the price of a single class?"

The Pole Teaser Class $35

(all teaser class purchases are use it or lose purchases)

All other classes are $30 

If you book a class without purchasing a Pricing Plan you forfeit the ability to re-schedule that class, it is a use it or loss it purchase.

We do offer a single class Pricing Plan for $30 - we highly recommend buying Pricing Plans to avoid any loss of purchase.

You are able to purchase pricing plans on the FIT by WIX app

Invite Code: SCARLET


"What do I wear to a Pole Class?"

We recommend:

  • Comfortable layers that are easy on/easy off

  • Sweats or leggings that allow for easy movement and easy on/off

  • Socks or peds for your feet

  • Bathing suit bottoms

  • Sports bras, tank tops or t-shirts


"Can I just walk into the studio to take a class or talk to someone about classes?"


We do not accept walk in's of any kind, for any reason.

We are a Private Studio.

We do not have a receptionist to field questions about bookings or classes. Our instructors are in the studio to teach classes. If you walk in to to the studio to ask a question you will be interrupting a class in progress.

Please, if you need to ask us a question about anything email us.


"I'm out of shape, can I still take a pole class or a Liquid Motion class?"



Scarlet Studio classes are designed for our students to succeed.


Our programs are suitable for students who have never taken a dance class or fitness class in their lives. The majority of our students fall under this category.


"I'm 18, can I attend classes?"


Scarlet Studio is a 21+ facility.


"What is the difference between a class and  a program?"

The only true 'classes' that Scarlet offers are our Pole Teaser Class and our Liquid Motion Class


The Pole Teaser Class meets once, the content never changes, students do not progress or learn new information.

Liquid Motion Classes require a prerequisite to attend. The content is ever changing and students can apply the skills learned in these classes to their Pole Practice.

The remainder of Scarlet classes are actually Programs which require students to attend the 4, 16 or 32 weeks of classes before moving onto other Programs or Classes.


"What is your refund policy?"

All sales are final.

We will not refund any purchases. 

Single Class Purchases have a 90 day expiration date.

4, 8 and 16 Class Purchases have 6 month expiration dates.


"How do the Class Programs work?"

The Pole Class Programs at Scarlet Studio are a Carousel Intake Program. This means that the classes repeat themselves on a schedule and are non-congruent. Students can join a program at any point in the schedule, stay for the program duration and join the next program when completed.

We encourage students to join a program in the first week of a month and stay with that program for the minimum duration recommended.

Once a student has completed a program they are able to move up a level and/or attend multiple level programs at the same time. For Example: If a student has completed The Virgin Program they have the option to move into The Freshman Class and continue to join The Virgin Program Classes if they so choose.


"Are there items or things that I should not bring or wear to class?"

Lotion. Do not wear lotion.

Cream and Oil based lotions leave residue on skin - making it virtually impossible to get a grip on a metal pole. This is a safety issue. If you wear lotion to class you may be asked to not participate in certain activities for your own safety.

Jewelry. This is also a safety issue. Rings, bracelets, big dangle earring or necklaces can all interfere with your workout and cause you injury.

Bad attitudes, we hate those. Don't bring those.


"I have previous pole experience, do I have to take The Virgin Classes?"


Our business structure is one that involves an onboarding process. This means that when a new-to-Scarlet Studio student becomes a member of the studio we collectively make assessments. These assessments help us to help each student grow and progress in safe and effective ways.

This business structure is part of an agreement with our Insurance carrier, which means in order to keep our liability insure we have to onboard each student the same way.

If you are coming from another studio or if you have pole experience, please join one of our Virgin Classes first. 

Thank you for understanding our position on this matter.


"What is Liquid Motion?"

Liquid Motion is a movement class that utilizes the floor as its apparatus.

For a deeper explanation go to our Liquid Motion Page.

If you are new to Liquid Motion start with the Liquid Virgins Program. 

There are no fitness level requirements to join the Liquid Virgins Program.


"Do men come to classes?"

Sometimes, yes.

Every person is welcome as long as they are attending class to participate and learn.


"What is Open Pole?" or "I have pole experience can I join an Open Pole?"

Open Pole is limited to students who have completed our Virgin Program or higher. It is not a class, it does not have a curriculum, a warm up or a cool down.


There is always an instructor present however they are not there to teach.

If you are coming from another studio, due to liability issues we still require you to attend at least 1 Virgin Class or have your studio contact us to verify your abilities. Please do not take offense to this request. This is a liability issue not a personal attack on your pole abilities.


"What if I get injured or sick and I am not able to make it to classes?"

We are not heartless, if you let us know as soon as there is a mitigating circumstance we will work with you. 


As soon as possible means as soon as possible, not 15 min before class begins or 2 days after an incident occurred.

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