new to pole.

I've never taken a pole class before. Is there a beginner class?


We have a Beginner Pole Class.

Please download our app to easily view our schedule.

We also recommend visiting our Tricks vs Dance page and our Class Descriptions page to better understand which classes to sign up for.

what not to wear.


We repeat, DO. NOT. WEAR. LOTION. Especially lotions with oils and silicones. This is for your safety and the safety of the other students. If you have lotion on your skin and you are touching the pole, you are leaving residue on the pole that often takes more than a few cleanings to remove. Poles must be clean and free from residues, lotions or oils for students to climb, sit or perform tricks on safely. 

Do not wear rings, big dangle earrings, bracelets or necklaces. They have the potential to interfere with your workout, damage the poles and cause injuries.

how much?

A single class is $30.00

A Pole class and a Liquid Motion class are both $30.00. We do offer package deals. Please see our Plans & Pricing page. We are not able to offer monthly packages at this time.

what to wear.

What do I wear to a LIQUID MOTION class?

We recommend wearing layers and clothes that allow you to move freely and comfortably. We also highly recommend choosing clothes and items to help protect your skin and body from the floor. Knee Pads

Capped Sleeve shirts

Leg Warmers

Pants that tapper at ankles/knees

Socks or Foot Pads



We suggest using our booking application. Our website host, WIX, has a built in booking application called FIT. On almost every page on our website there is a prompt to download this application.

The FIT App is easy to use. The app allows you to view class schedules and upcoming events. The app also allows you to purchase class packages and book classes. You are able to see who your instructor is for the class and how many other students are attending that class.  The app gives you the capability to cancel and reschedule yourself for classes if need be. You are even able to message us directly via the app.

We do not share our students contact information with anyone. We ask that when you create your profile in the app that you use your real name, first and last so we don't call you by your email account.



We get this question often and there is no definitive answer that we are able to give. Pole is an extreme sport and as with any extreme sport it takes time, dedication and practice to improve.


Each person has a different and individual body and will need different and individual time periods to show improvement.

  • Current Fitness Level?

  • Time to Dedicate?

  • Body Awareness Level?

  • Athletic Ability/Experience?

  • Willingness to Try?

  • What is your "Pole Goal"?

All these are factors in how long it will take to be able to attain whatever "Pole Goal" you have set for yourself.

That being said, our Beginner Classes are broken down into 4 classes. They have been designed to introduce students to what we consider "pole fundamentals". Movements and Basics of Pole that will become the building blocks for your pole journey. We suggest that you start with taking those 4 Beginner Classes and then see how you feel.

Side Note:

Know and understand that when you see a poler on insta or YouTube performing this amazing Jade Split, or a crazy Brass Monkey combo, that they have dedicated months if not years to practicing that move. If you come into the studio with a video or an image of a 'really cool pole move' and want that to be your "pole goal", be prepared to start at the bottom by learning and perfecting THE BASICS OF POLE. Your instructors are there to help you reach your goals but if you skip steps in your training you are doing yourself a dis-service.

what to wear.

What do I wear to a POLE class?

Dress in layers. Class begins with a warm up, we recommend starting class with all your layers on and removing clothes as you become warmer. You will need bootie shorts to climb the pole. We recommend arriving to class with your bootie shorts underneath comfortable sweatpants or yoga pants. You will need foot protection. We recommend socks or peds. We sell foot pads for dancers in studio for $25.00.

out of shape.

I'm out of shape...
I'm a bigger girl...
I'm older...
Can I still take a Pole or Liquid class?

We think that these are great excuses but not great reasons to not try something. 

Pole is like any other physical activity - you come to class to learn, to get stronger, to get better. The more you do a thing the better you become at doing that thing.

The real question here is, "do you want to take a Pole or Liquid class?"

what about men?

Are men able to join a Pole or Liquid class?

Yes. Men are welcome to join a Pole class or a Liquid Motion class if they are truly there to participate and learn. Scarlet Studio values its students and we strive to make everyone welcome and comfortable in all of our classes.


I have a couple friends who want to come to class, can I book for them?


We do not allow students to book classes for other students. Each student is responsible for themselves.

If you have a group of friends that want to try Pole Dancing we suggest planning either a Private Lesson together or a Private Party.

The Reasoning:

There are other students who are there to learn, who signed themselves up for class alone, showed up to class alone, and had an expectation of taking a fitness class - not to be part of a girls night out or a celebration between friends they do not know. Our biggest concern is the comfort of our students.

Please read the difference between a Pole PARTY and a Pole CLASS below:

pole party?

What is the difference between a Pole Class and a Pole Party?

Pole Parties are more novelty. 

A Pole Party is great for a group of friends who want to try pole dancing for fun or to see if they like it enough to join a weekly class.

We offer 3 different Pole Party packages. Please visit our Pole Party page for more information.

If you have a group of friends who wish to take a Pole Class together we recommend booking "The Quickie". Please email us at if you would like to book a group of friends for a pole class. 

party pricing.

Why is there a difference in pricing between a class and a party?

Pole Parties are not part of the studios regularly scheduled program, therefore instructors need to adjust their own personal schedules to host the party. Party formats are fun and free flowing with less structure than a weekly class often making teaching a party a bit more difficult to plan for. Ultimately, a party is a more difficult job for the instructor.

For information on planning a Pole Party please email us at


How old do I have to be to take a class?


Scarlet Studio's policy is 21 years old to attend a class or plan a party.