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Scarlet Studio General Policies


Scarlet Studio expects a certain level of decorum and courtesy towards each other and its instructors. We reserve the right to refuse business to any person who is overtly rude, disrespectful, unkind, abusive or engaging in disruptive and/or entitled behavior. 


Please allow for instructor consent to take film/photo. Please be respectful of other students privacy; if another student is captured in your film/photo please ask permission before posting to socials.


No purposeful exposure of genitalia or breasts.

No Street shoes in the dance area of the studio.

No Heels, street or otherwise in a non-heel friendly class

(Bare feet, socks, peds, half-soles or lyrical flats are all acceptable for non-heel friendly classes)

No hand/finger jewelry (bracelets, rings etc)

No dangle earrings or necklaces.

No oils, creams or lotion.


Students are responsible for booking themselves, and only themselves into a class, workshop or course.

Please do not book for a friend.


Please sign your LIABILITY WAIVER 

If the waiver is not signed before you attend class, you will not be able to attend the class.


Scarlet Studio reserves the right for our instructors to turn away any student who misses more than 50% of the warm up for any class, workshop or course.

Please plan on arriving at least 5 minutes before start time.

If you know you are going to be late, please do not hesitate to send us a message on the app to let us know. 


If Scarlet Studio cancels a class (for any reason), all students enrolled in that class will be given a class credit to be used within 90 days.

If a Workshop or Course is canceled (for any reason), students enrolled will be given the choice of a monetary refund or credits given towards another service offered at the studio.


Students have the ability to cancel and reschedule a class if they have purchased a Pricing Plan. 

Students who do not purchase a Pricing Plan do not have the ability to cancel and reschedule classes.

Classes that are cancelled 8 hours before class begins, will be credited back to a Pricing Plan.

Classes that are cancelled 7hrs and 59min (or less) before a class begins, will not be credited back to a Pricing Plan.


No monetary refunds will be given for no-shows or late cancelations.

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