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As much as Scarlet Studio loves to leaning into being rebellious, we still need to have some rules and regulations to help us maintain professionalism and adhere to safety regulations.


Please respect our policies and understand that the majority of our policies are in place to help keep you safe physically and emotionally while you spend time with us. The remainder of our policies are typical small business practices and are in place to allow us to pay our instructors, pay rent, pay insurance, pay for our website and email and to turn a small profit that typically goes right back into the business to make your experience with us pleasing.

Not that we need to, but in an effort to stay true to our values and remain transparent, we have included reasons for our policies in the descriptions. Yes, our rules have purpose and meaning behind them, they are not in place just because.

The Pole Teaser Policy

The Pole Teaser is a use-it-or-lose-it or lose it purchase. This class is not able to be rescheduled. There are no refunds or exchanges offered for this service. Students must purchase and book class for themself, we do not allow students to buy classes for other students.

The Pole Teaser is not attached to any Pricing Plan. It is a separate purchase.

The Reasons behind the policy:

The Pole Teaser Class was created for people who are curious about pole but might be unsure if they want to join our Virgin Program. The reason for the higher price point and the no reschedules, refunds or exchanges is to help curtail no-shows.

Refunds or Credits

Scarlet Studio has a no refund policy.

All purchases are final.

The Reasons behind the policy:

Unfortunately, entitlement is strange virus that has infected many people. Requests for refunds such as "I am unable to attend class" or "I wasn't able to find the building" are not uncommon. Sadly, having a no refund policy is a common small business practice that is set in place to protect the business against entitlement.

Waiver Agreement

It pains us to even have to explain this but here it goes, we need every student to fill out our waiver of liability.

The Reasons behind the policy:

Insurance. Our agreement with our insurance company requires that all students fill out our waiver. We need to keep our insurance to keep our doors open so we need to ensure that this happens.

Also, if a student signs our waiver and proceeds to not adhere to our studio policies we have the right to block them or un-invite them from the studio. We also have the right to refuse service if a student refuses to sign our waiver.

We hate to do this, please do not make us do this.

Late Arrivals

Again, we have a very lenient late arrival policy. The majority of Pole Studios will actually lock the doors and not allow students in after they are 5 minutes late for class. We do not do this. We simply ask that you join the class as quickly and as quietly as possible. 

We do not recommend being late for class. It is very important that you warm your body up before engaging in any physical activity to decrease potential injury.

The Reasons behind this policy:

Safety. Safety is the main reason we do not want you to be late for your class. The Warm Up is a very important part of your class as it helps decrease potential injuries.

Also, we understand that shit happens and sometimes people are delayed due to reasons beyond their control. We do not wish to punish anyone for being late to class. We feel that missing part of your pole class is punishment enough.

Prerequisites for classes

Some of our Classes and Programs have prerequisites to attend them. Please take these prerequisites seriously, they are set in place for reasons. 

The Reasons for the policy:

Liability Insurance.


We have an agreement with our insurance carrier that we are to onboard all new-to-Scarlet Studio students. If you have previous pole experience you will still be required to attend a Virgin Class to ensure that we fulfill our agreement. Thank you for understanding and respecting our studio policies. 

Booking for classes/programs

Students are responsible for booking themself and only themself. We do not allow friends to book for friends. We do not allow significant others to book for significant others.

The Reasons behind the policy:

This policy helps us eliminate potential system glitches in the future.


This policy is also in place because we want to know who you are. We want to have a record of your classes with us, who you have taken classes with, how often you take classes and how you are progressing with your classes. Yes, we keep tabs on all of our students so that we can better attend to your needs and goals and we do this by asking you to create a profile in our system. If someone else were to book a class for you under their name our records are now obsolete and incorrect.

Class Cancellations,

Class Rescheduling & 

No Shows

We will not accept, or respond to, requests to cancel a class or reschedule a class via email or FIT message.


Use the FIT by WIX app (Invite Code: SCARLET) to cancel and reschedule your class.

All class cancellations and rescheduling can easily be done on this app.

Our cut off time is 8 hours before class begins. This is an extremely lenient policy in comparison to other fitness studios. If you do not cancel class outside of the 8 hour mark you will be charged for that class.

If you no show to a class, you will be charged for that class. 

If you purchase a Pricing Plan (which you absolutely should), you have the ability to cancel and reschedule a class.


If you purchase a single class (not part of a pricing plan) you forfeit the ability to reschedule a class.

The Reasons behind the policy:

Scarlet Studio is a 21+ studio, therefore everyone who attends classes with us is by law, an adult, and adults are responsible for themselves. The responsibility of cancelling a class on time is an adult action.

The reason for charging a student for a late cancellation is a common small business practice. Our classes are often full with waitlists, your late cancel was a pole that someone else could have used to attend class.

The reason why a single class does not have the ability to reschedule is an issue that is out of our hands. This is a system default that we are not able to override. Please purchase a Pricing Plan.

Pricing Plans & Non-Pricing Plans

If you purchase a Pricing Plan you will have the ability to cancel and reschedule a class if need be.

If you do not purchase a Pricing Plan you will forfeit the ability to cancel and reschedule classes. If you need to cancel a class you will lose your purchase.

The Reasons behind the policy:

Unfortunately, this policy is one that is out of our control. This a system default that we have no say over. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Booking for a Private Lesson

Scarlet Studio does offer Private Lessons.

One-on-one Private lessons are rare for us to give. Private Group Lessons are more common however our time availability is limited.

We do require a deposit to book for either service.

The Reasons behind this policy:

Private One-on-one lessons are not cost effective for the student. We realize this may sound counter intuitive but if we are being honest and transparent your dollar goes further in classes than it does in a private lesson. You will learn more, you will be more comfortable and you will spend less money.

Private Group Lessons are more cost effective for the student and the studio. Our time is limited to offer this service but if you have a group who is interested in taking a class without the frills of a Private Party we are happy to work with you to create a package deal that works for you. 

We require a deposit because people are notorious for no-showing and our instructors have carved time out of their private time to be there for you.

Booking for a Private Party

Please see our Pole Parties page for our Pole Party Policies 

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